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The Quantum-Difference Presents . . . 

 The Quantum3 Synergy Package, 


 Delivering TWO Q3 Breakthroughs, which create a Quantum Shift in

Cell Protection, Nourishment, and Rejuvenation.


The Quantum3 Band

QBD Holograms

This Q3 Synergy Package uses the same quantum technology,

to address completely different problems with completely different frequencies


Photons are light years beyond physical substances.




"Energy is 100 times more efficient than a chemical signal."

Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD


Our Q3 Technology Provides The-Quantum-Difference

The Quantum3 Synergy Package utilizes distinctive natural frequency combinations which are programmed into our Q3 holograms.

The frequencies are beamed INTO the holograms in order to beam OUT from the holograms at the speed of light.

Holograms are a permanent and stable medium for the storage of massive amounts of information. 

It takes 12 days to embed Q3 holograms with the photons of our pristine proprietary botanical frequencies.

Our frequencies cannot be reverse engineered. So, Copy-Cats are impossible. 


How The Holograms Work

Q3 Holograms are worn on the body,  in order to be inside the body's energy field. 

The frequencies are emanating 24/7, and the body's energy field "reads" these frequencies, utilizes what it needs, when it needs it.  The frequencies that the body does not need, simply pass through. 

With  two distinctive delivery systems, The QuantumSynergy Package provides The Quantum Solution for Two Quantum Problems.


The Quantum3 Band Provides . . . 

 A Solution For The 5G . . . EMF Healthcare Crisis! 


5G and EMFs sap life, health, and power from your cells,

All day . . . Every day . . . Everywhere. 



Our elderly are extra vulnerable because of their threatened brain deterioration, and their aging immune and nervous systems.

It is obvious that ALL people of ALL ages who spend hours on
Online working,
Online meetings,
Online learning/teaching,
Online gaming,
etc. definitely need this protection 24/7!!!

Our children and our grandchildren are the most vulnerable, due to their lifetime exposure to EMFs. 


The Quantum3 Band makes your body impervious

To ALL negative EMFs at the Speed of Light.


Our Q3 Technology is the result of more than 12 years of research and development and has been validated by a variety of medical tests.



Watch this life blood analysis to see how the blood of an 81 year old woman went from tired to lively and happy in just a few minutes.





These tests show the Q3 Frequencies stabilizing the body's own energy field,

supporting the cells of the body at the speed of light,

to do what only they can do. . . 

To keep your body strong, healthy and  energized.



Remember, "Energy is 100 times more efficient than a chemical signal."

Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD


The QBD Hologram Frequencies Introduce

A Quantum Paradigm Shift in the exploding world of CBD.




In 2003 the US Government was granted a CBD Patent. 

The USA Patent declares that CBD is useful in the treatment and prevention of a wide variety of oxidation diseases (such as ischemic, age-related, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.) It also claims that CBD is a prophylactic agent against many neurodegenerative diseases that frequently accelerate the aging process (such as Alzheimer, Parkinson, HIV dementia.) and neurological damage as a result of events as stroke and trauma.



In all of human history, no nutritional substance has ever exploded in the global marketplace like CBD.

From hundreds of thousands of global sellers, to billion of Wall Street investment dollars. The reason is simple, even though it is ONLY a substance of oil, capsules, etc., Quality CBD is a big deal.




However, there is NO Comparison between . . . 

The Physical Substance of CBD and . . . 

  • Requires ingestion, digestion and absorption
  • Creates massive chemical heat-loss
  • 98-99% loss of information
  • Produces mostly waste
  • Transfers information at a snail's pace
  • Cannot enter a closed cell
  • 1-2 % effective in sending information

The Frequency Photons of QBD 

  • No ingestion, No digestion and No absorption
  • Creates no heat-loss
  • 0% loss of information
  • Produces no waste
  • Transfers information at the speed of light
  • Can enter a closed cell.
  • 100% effective in sending information


Which makes our QBD "One of a Kind" . . . 

QBD's Superiority over CBD is even MORE profound!

Since QBD Frequencies are not physical substances, there are NONE of the potential health risks associated with the substance CBD . . . 

 No Overdosing

 No disgusting taste

 No threat of drug or food interaction

 No quality control issues

 No added artificials or preservatives

 No CBD chemical footprint


Unlike CBD substances, QBD quantum photons leave no residue.


If you are not experiencing the benefits of the "CBD-Revolution",

you have arrived at the right place  at the right time.

If you are already using CBD in any form; then you owe it to yourself to switch to QBD


The Quantum3 Synergy Package is being offered with the profound knowledge that Quantum Problems can only be solved with Quantum Solutions  

You Get:

Q3 Wristband loaded with Six Holograms, sealed and water-resistant  for premium performance

You Get:

One Month Supply of QBD Holograms,  applied where it is needed the most for maximum efficiency 



The Quantum3 Synergy Package is available in 4 different combinations

to meet your personal needs. 

Package 1 Package 2 Package 3 Package 4


1 Q3 Wristband 


 QBD Single Pack

1 Month Supply


1 Q3 Wristband 


 QBD Double Pack 

1 Month Supply


4 Q3 Wristbands


 QBD Single Pack

1 Month Supply


4 Q3 Wristbands


 QBD Double Pack 

1 Month Supply


$210 $200



$270 $255


$600 $470


$665 $525



The Synergy Packages of Quantum Frequencies Q3 bands and the QBD Holograms together protect you from the accelerating damaging processes caused by environmental and electronic man-made pollution.






 Can negative frequencies be blocked or canceled out? 


A: No, these harmful frequencies (EMFs) cannot be blocked or canceled out. (If they could, your cellphone would stop working.) Even though we cannot see them, these frequencies are everywhere, radiating from every electronic device, cellphone and WiFi networks, and go straight through us (just like an X-Ray does.)


 How do the Quantum3 Frequencies protect my body?


A: Inside the body they pollute the body's own energy field that, now disrupted and unstable, cannot perform its task - to support the cells of your body to remain healthy. 

Our unique proprietary technology is designed to stabilize the body's own frequency field so that the cells of the body become impervious for these harmful EMFs, and can perform the tasks they are designed to do. 



  Is our technology safe? 


A: Yes, our technology is safe to use. The frequencies are selected on their ability to stabilize and support the body.


  How do I activate the Q3 Frequencies?


 A: The Q3 Frequencies are active all the time, 24/7.  It does not require electric power or battery charge, there is no download of software, no learning curve, no exercise. All you do is wear it on your body. 


  How will I know that they are working?


 A: The frequencies inside the holograms are subtle energies. Some people will feel a change in their energy field, if they happen to be sensitive to that. But for many people that is not the case. But most people also do not feel the presence of other EMFs that are around us. Some people will feel a shift in a physical condition. Others reported an increased strength. Some will experience subtle changes in their overall condition over time. Our test results have shown a variety of ways the body responds to the Q3 Frequencies. 


  Will it heal my .......


A: No, the Quantum3 Frequencies do not treat, heal, or cure anything. But they stabilize the body's own energy field, with pure and healthy frequencies, supporting the cells of your body to become impervious for the EMF pollution and maintain and restore your health and wellness. 


  Are the QBD and Quantum3 Bands the same?


 The QBD Holograms and the Quantum3 Bands are infused with the same 12 day technology process. However, the frequencies are not the same, they are designed to provide two different solutions to the accelerating aging processes. 


  How fast will I see results?


A: We cannot answer that question. Our test results have shown that the effect of the Quantum3 Bands can happen immediately and be observed in a matter of 1-2 minutes. But that does not mean that this will happen for every person in the same way. Much depends on the state of the energy of your body and on your body's chemistry. Even though the energy effect can happen at the speed of light, we cannot predict what the physical effects may be on different people. 


  How long will the QFrequencies be effective?


A: Our technology has been in use for over 8 years. Even holograms from 8-10 years ago are still effective.




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