Nothing Heals Sickness, Disease or Injury










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Sickness and Disease Dominate The 21st Century Landscape

even though Medical and Technological Advances abound.


How Can This Be? 


The-TRUTH Is Profoundly Simple



               Only LIFE Can Create LIFE . . .


 Only HEALTH Can Promote HEALTH . . .


                !Only PEACE Can Nurture PEACE





Introducing . . .  


The Quantum-Nutritional-Life Presentation:


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Why do YOU and those YOU Know and Love often face lifelong health conditions?

Why so much Pain, Premature Aging and Chronic Illnesses?


The Modern Health-Crisis has Two Primary Culprits.

   1. The Lack of Real-Nutrition

   2. STRESS, The-Silent-Killer


Nutrition-Crisis: Contaminated Soil, Pesticide Sprays, Chemically Processed Foods and Preservatives provide foods that fill the belly but rob the body of "The-LIFE-of-Nature." Long term these man-made chemicals POISION the body instead of NOURISHING it.


Stress-Crisis:  A World full of STRESS bombards The-IMAGE-Maker of The-Spiritual-Heart with a cascade of Images that  "whacks" The Immune System, stymies The-Microbiome and  causes  millions of Cells to CLOSE and Stay Closed.



And As You Are About To Learn, Only Closed Cells Can Get Sick.



However,  Life Is Supposed To Be Vibrant . . .



Shalom, Peace . . . Only Peace

Can Create Wellness, Wholeness and Homeostasis.


Stress is The Ultimate Killer . . .  Peace is The-Ultimate-Healer.  


It is patently obvious that This-Blessing has been lost.


Stress, Sickness and Disease plagues creation and The-Lack of Peace, Wellness and Wholeness have become the common lot of men. 


We now know, The-Health-Crisis begins at the Quantum-Level . . .


In the individual cells of our body.


Which means the most effective way to address Sickness and Disease is to Provide Life, Health and Peace at The-Quantum-Level.


That's exactly what Quantum-Nutritional-Life does . . .

Shining The-Light On The-Truth



Oxygen Is Empirical Proof That The-Basic-Essentials for

LIFE, HEALTH and PEACE Are . . .


Light from The-Sun, Life from Plants and The-Miracle of Water.


Quantum-Nutrition provides "The-Essentials-of-Life" by Radiating and Hydrating

Photonic-Energies that feed "The-TRUE-Healers" at The-Quantum-Level

throughout The-Entire-Body.



Introducing The-Halo Quantum-Life System



The-Halo's-Combination of the best blends of botanicals from all over the world and Quantum-Light radiating Perfect-Formulations at Perfect-Frequencies means . . .  


There Is Nothing Like This In The-World.



The Reality of "The-TRUE-Healers" has been ignored, suppressed and challenged by the economic interest of Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries around the world.


In spite of the fact that . . .

The-Father of Modern Medicine

Proclaimed The-Truth nearly 2,400 Years Ago.


Macintosh HD:Users:larrynapier:Desktop:Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 8.59.14 AM.png




"Natural-Forces Within Us

Are 'The-TRUE-Healers' of Diseases."

          Nothing Man Creates Can HEAL!   



The National Library of Medicine documents The-Truth with these words . . .





Is NOT Processed-Food!     

It IS Nature!

It IS Predominantly PLANTS!                     


The-Truth Has Always Been There . . .



"The Daily-Bread" of Quantum-Nutritional-Life

is Health Promotion and Disease Prevention . . .


Does this mean that The-HALO Heals or Cures Diseases?



Again, Nothing Man Creates Can Heal!


Only LIFE Can Create LIFE . . .


    Only HEALTH Can Promote HEALTH . . .


                                           Only PEACE Can Nurture PEACE!               


If The-Halo CANNOT Heal, Cure or Treat Diseases . . . 


What Does The Quantum-Nutritional-System Do?



Quantum-Nutritional-Life Radiated Under The Tongue Instantly-Impacts The Blood Stream to be carried everywhere Blood Flows.  

It's Time to learn what the 21st Century Quantum Discovery teaches us about Sickness and Disease.


We Are Shining The-Light On The-Truth




Exist at The-Quantum-Level or It Does Not Exist at All.


The-Quantum has changed the world in mind boggling ways . . . Without The-Quantum there would be NO transistors hence NO personal computers, NO Internet and NO smart phones.  The entire modern world is based on The-Quantum.  


So what exactly is The-Quantum?  The answer has Three Components.


1. Light Is A PHOTON.

2. ALL Matter has a Wavelength-Motion.

3. Photons of Light and The Atoms of Matter have a specific "spin" that impacts other Atoms.

That's Quantum Physics In A Nutshell.


In layman's terms Quantum-Nutritional-Life is how Photonic-Light Captures The-Superior-Nutrition . . .


INSIDE The-Halo-Vials . . . 


And Radiates Quantum-Nutrition To "The-TRUE-Healers" At The Speed of Light.


Organic Foods and Vitamin Supplements have created Multi-Billion Dollar Industries addressing The-Nutrition-Crisis in a significant way.


However . . .

They have to be Digested, Absorbed and Suffer Loss Through Elimination and



   With Quantum-Nutritional-Life                            

No Digestion Necessary,

No Absorption Required,   

No Elimination Waste,                                              

No Chemical-Reaction Loss.                             


The blood stream easily and painlessly transports 100% of Quantum-Nutritional-Life to "The-TRUE-Healers."  


Quantum-Nutritional-Life's breakthrough actually enhances the performance of The-Nutrition that Organic Food and Supplements provide.


Please Understand, The-LIFE Is Not In The-Halo



The Only LIFE Is The-LIFE God Made,




Man Made The-Vials  . . .


God Made The-LIFE In The-Vials!






Remember This Core Truth . . .

Picture It In Your Heart . . .



The-Halo uses Photons of Light to FEED Quantum Life, Health and Peace from

The-World's Best Nutritional Blends to "The-TRUE-Healers" and then . . .


"The-Body's-TRUE-Healers" Do What Only THEY Can Do!




From freshly cut grass . . .

To a single cell Amoeba . . .

From Whales scarred by ocean traffic . . .  

To every Cell in YOUR Body . . .                    


God Created  All Living Organisms 

With Intra-Cellular Healing Properties.


These Intra-Cellular-Healers are amazingly proficient . . .

As Long as THEY Stay Healthy.


However, THEIR-Own-Health can be Lost when the cells THEY Inhabit CLOSE and Remain CLOSED. Sicknesses and Diseases are the inevitable result.


This is where Quantum-Light Shines the Brightest.


Quantum-Nutritional-Life Features The Unique Ability of Photonic-Light to Radiate Life to Mal-Nourished-Healers Inside CLOSED-Cells!


Medicines, Organic Foods and Vitamins CANNOT Do That!


World Renowned Cell Biologist Bruce Lipton Explains . . .



The Membrane of An Open Cell In-Growth-Mode Keeps Germs, Bacteria, Parasites and Viruses from entering the cell while . . .



Which means, Open-Cells CANNOT Get SICK!


CLOSED-Cells On The Other Hand Not Only CAN Get Sick,


They are the ONLY-Cells That DO Get Sick.



The Lack of Nutrition and The Inability to eliminate waste causes The-Membrane of a Closed Cell to lose its ability to protect the cell. As a result Germs, Bacteria and Viruses can more easily enter the cell.


This INVASION Causes Sickness and Disease.


Remember, a molecule's only entrance is through the gateways of OPEN-Cells.


That's a Real-Problem because A Closed Cell Needs Desperately To . . .



Medicines, Organic Foods and Nutritional Supplements have no way to enter a Closed Cell.


On The Other Hand Quantum-Photons Exists in Another Realm.



Lipton's Answer To Two Critical Questions Reveals The-Quantum-Difference of . . .   

LIFE In The-Quantum-World.



Dr. Lipton's Answer Is Also Profound . . .



This-Truth means that Quantum-Nutritional-Life

Dominates The-Entire-Landscape of The-CLOSED-Cell.


As Quantum-Nutritional-Life Arrives

Inside The-CLOSED-Cell



 The cells that did not open when the stress passed, can . . .  

Re-Open And Begin To Do What They Were Designed To Do.



Once More, The-TRUTH Is Right Before Our Eyes:


              Only LIFE Can Create LIFE . .

Only HEALTH Can Promote HEALTH . . .

  Only PEACE Can Nurture PEACE!                      


Since God has provided everything needed to Create, Promote and Maintain Life in the Vegetation, Plants, and Fruits of Nature . . . 


How Many Health Issues Can the Quantum-Nutritional-Life Address? 


This is not a specific sickness, disease or injury issue.





Restored-Healthy-Healers can then Help-Heal.


Health is a Cellular Issue.  Disease is a Cellular Issue.


Pain, Depression, Sleep-Deprivation and Libido

Are All Cellular Issues that

Healthy-TRUE-Healers can address.


All of This Potent Nutritional-Life

is being Radiated by Quantum-Light . . .

And It Gets Even Better!



The Synergy of Light and Life gets exponentially greater  

When We Introduce . . . 



(Quantum-Nutritional-Water often brings relief within minutes

to various aches and pains.)


Men spend billions of dollars searching heavenly bodies for any sign of life, for any sign of water.  Why Water?  Because Science knows that Water is The-Sign of Life.       


No Water . . . No Life!



Quantum-Science has revealed that the ability of water to receive, store and transport the information found in The Vibrational Signals Of Energy Is Incalculable.


Which means the water YOU and YOUR  Loved Ones Drink Can NOW Be Permeated With The Energy Frequencies Of Every Form Of Quantum-Nutritional-Life . . . 



"Inside" The-Halo-Vials




The-Miracle-of-Water infused with Quantum-Nutritional-Life hydrates "The-TRUE-Healers" in Organs, Tissues and Cells All Over The Body. 


What An Unprecedented Combination . . .



The-Trilogy that Creates "The Breath of LIFE"




Can Now Be Harnessed To Provide . . .



For The Whole Family, Day after Day and Year after Year.


Quantum-Nutritional-Life Is Here!







Dr. Michael Hopping.


The following documents the initial experiences that my wife Jayne and I have had with the HALO Quantum-Nutritional-Life System. 


Both our bodies seem to have been stimulated to bring relief to acute and chronic problems.


For years my feet have been numb. 

I have not been able to move my toes.  Because of this numbness, my balance has been compromised.  After only two uses of The-Halo-System I was able to move my toes.


Jayne's problems have been deeply troubling. Jayne's doctors diagnosed a leak of cerebrospinal fluid into her ear through a hole in her brain covering. 

It took a team of surgeons, who were experienced in repairing that delicate leakage, and a 7-hour surgical procedure to stop the leakage.


Then her problems really began. Because she had extensive cranium trauma and soft tissue distress and traumatized nerves she was experiencing continual miseries from pain to dizziness, to tinnitus, to constant exhaustion, to strange sounds when she moved and a need for 18 hours of sleep each day. Dozens of neighbors and family witnessed her lack of progress.  


The first day we used the HALO and drank water with the Quantum-Nutritional-Life energies Jayne's pronounced pain disappeared. Every following day she was experiencing lesser degrees of pain. We would follow the HALO protocol with appropriate vials and the pain invariably disappeared again.   Every day as her energy flagged we followed the protocols again and her energy returned to normal.  Instead of sleeping most of the time, Jayne has seen no need for a single nap since starting using the system.


Those many people who brought us food and saw Jayne in her depths can scarcely believe her remarkable turn-around.  At this point we are starting our second week using  the HALO system.  


Dr. Michael Hopping


Kay Parker


I received my Halo on May 3rd of this year. At the time I had numerous health problems and was desperately hoping and praying Quantum-Nutritional-Life would help me. Was I in for a surprise!


First of all, I was instantly delivered from a 25-year addiction to Diet RC Cola. I drank 12 or more Diet RCs daily, almost to the exclusion of all other beverages. When I tried to quit before it was as if I were coming off of hard drugs - horrible withdrawal symptoms, pounding headache, profuse sweating, nausea, shaking . . . my doctor told me that it was as difficult as coming off of heroine. I used the Halo with the ADDICTION vial and as of that day, May 3, 2017, I never drank another Diet RC.  An impossible battle I fought for more than twenty-five years was GONE after using the Halo!


My second Halo benefit conquered my severe hair loss.  I had been told by a dermatologist specializing in female hair and that I should either buy a wig or save for a hair transplant! Any woman - or man - who has faced total hair loss knows how devastating this can be. I started rinsing my hair, after shampooing, with warm Halo-enhanced water. To my utter astonishment the hair loss stopped with the first Halo rinse. My hair is softer, shinier, and easier. Tiny new hair has started to. This is a blessing I have no words to describe.


I was diagnosed with migraine headaches as a pre-teen. I can't count the number of days I missed work due to these sickening, debilitating, headaches, at least a minimum of three days with each headache. Always in my left temple, and always accompanied by temporary blindness, severe nausea, shaking, and intolerance to light and noise. I had a migraine the day my Halo arrived, and the first thing I did was use the Pain vial and shine the light in my mouth, ears and on my left temple. To my shock the headache was instantly relieved! Although I have had a few very mild headaches since then, the intensity of the headache is nothing like before and now they are easy to get rid of in minutes.


Now, for the most life threating experience of my life.  Larry Napier, a friend for over thirty years overnighted his personal Halo to me when I told him I that I was in Acute Renal Failure, and my nephrologist was insisting I go on the kidney transplant list, have a kidney biopsy, and begin dialysis. To be safe she took me off any questionable medication and all over the counter pain pills. NO PROGRESS. I was at 16% kidney function and decreasing. This was the bleakest and most terrifying health challenge I had faced. After about six to eight weeks of Halo sessions, my blood came back with a tiny improvement, not big, but had not gone down. I was now at 17% kidney function and my doctor was still insisting on dialysis, transplant list and biopsy. Something told me I was getting well though, and against her advice I again refused the recommended treatment. The numbers kept slowly increasing and around the first of September after four months of dedicated Halo use, my kidney function was pronounced normal for my age! I am beyond thrilled at this report.


Kay Parker



Larry's Own Story

When I was first informed about the paradigm shift with HALO, I was intrigued to say the least.  

My intrigue turned into need in early January of this year (2017) when a growth appeared on my tongue and I began experiencing continual discomfort in my throat.  Within two weeks the growth on my tongue had grown large enough to affect my speech and salvia flow.  When it began to make eating difficult, I  began using The HALO portable unit for five minutes three times a day.

The growth on my tongue and the discomfort in my throat was reduced by 90% in THREE Days! The growth on my tongue was completely gone in two weeks.  I still feel something when I swallow occasionally, but I have a 73-year-old throat and that sensation is not new.  However, I will not be surprised if that problem does not disappear as well. I believe that other aging problems that have not yet manifested may never see the light of day because of The Light within.     

While I did not have a medical diagnosis on the growth or my throat, YouTube videos on tongue and throat cancer matched what I was experiencing in an alarming way."


Heart to Heart,

Larry Napier

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